Real friendship is endless

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I am supposed to be studying now – and yet I am not – actually right now am very excited. You may not know that – if I haven’t mentioned it before, but I used to have very good friend from the United States. I am saying used to – because I haven’t heard from him since 2001- still consider him as a friend trough as my memories of the time spend together are quite strong. (Probably because the best Xmas in my life I spent at his house)

Actually once I wrote in my offline journal about the first time we met.

I was a European student is the States and was going to spend the vacation at his family house.I went downstairs and the first thing I was able to make out in that shady basement was a sight of a boy sitting on the floor and watching the visualizations of winamp on the notebook placed in front of him. I could hear the music he was listening to – it was the soundtrack of “Stars Wars”. “Hi” – I couldn’t think of anything else to start a conversation. He turned around and saw me: “Hey what’s up? Grandma told me that you are going to spend the vacation with us. Is this true? “ . “ Yeaaa I guess so “He smiled.

In the next three hours we got to know each other. We talked about so many things: music, girls, friends, and the life in general. I noticed that he was incredibly smart for his age. Smart enough not to fit the standards of most schools in the county and that’s why he was studding at home. He said that some people think that he is a “weirdo” – and you know what I trough that they might have been right – he was weird in the good sense of the .

He turned his Playstation on and we spent the next hour or so playing GTA, Taken and other cool games. Yeaa I admit …he was better than me on almost every single game we played. Then all of a sudden he said:

“Isn’t it strange? “

“What? “

“We know each other just from few hours and look at us now – sitting here, playing and talking like we are best friends. How is this possible? “ . He was looking at me while saying that. I hold my breath for a second and then I answered: “Because we are …best friends!” Now it was his turn to remain silent for a moment, and then he said: “Yes we are!”

The next day we spent mostly outside. Playing soccer, riding bikes – he was teaching me how to play baseball – we had such a great time. At dinner we sat close to each other, he was kicking me under the table (and so did I), we were making jokes, funny faces …etc. When we finished with the dinner we both went downstairs and played on the drum set he had.

Why I am excited – well after almost 5 years I think I found where he could be now – I thought his family moved to Texas – but few minutes ago while I was trying to find some old friends (check if they still have the same e-mails …etc) I was able to find some info about him.

I don’t know – as you saw I still think of him as a good friend of mine – but that’s me- real friendship is endless.

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