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January 25, 2011 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Technology and Software | 1 Comment
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Dropbox is a wonderful service. I have compiled some of the most useful tips for its usage below :
DropboxUpload Files to your Dropbox Folder by Email (instructions)

Use Dropbox to Find the IP Address of Your Remote Computers (instructions)

Use Dropbox To Print From Anywhere (instructions)

Send Files to Dropbox with a Right Click (instructions)

5 Unusual Ways to Use Dropbox You Might Not Have Thought Of (instructions)

/Chat Logs,Gaming Saves,Documents Folder,Teamwork,Any App With a Watch Folder/

Use Dropbox with your own Web Domain (instructions)

Use Dropbox as a CDN for your WordPress Files (instructions)

Backup your WordPress Blog to Dropbox (instructions)

How To QuicklyShare Beautiful Photo Galleries With Dropbox (instructions)

Securely Receive Files from Anyone to your Dropbox (instructions)

If you don`t have a dropbox account yet – get one here

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  1. I think that this servise http://bit.ly/A7INcH is much better then the DropBox, they provide more free space, 5Gb while dropbox gives only 2Gb, and bonuses are bigger. However I have these two services at the same time, and total have 7 Gb space for free 🙂

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