Entry Responce #1 – Internet

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The Internet

I am starting series of posts – in which I would like to share with you the responses which one of my teachers left in my notebook. All this happened while I was a student in the US and one of my assignment was to write an entry – to practice my English and learn to express my ideas . I will share just the responses – not the entries themselves – but you are sure to get an idea of what they were like.
Entry Responce #1

internet-child I am beginning to understand how deep your connection to the Internet and what we call the cyber world is”. You are right that I would choose a walk in the woods in a beautiful place, but you are also right to stay strong in who you are and live your life as you feel you need to. And I do also understand the attraction and that wonderful feeling of being connected that the Internet can give you.
I believe in finding a balance between the natural world ,the academic world ,and the cyber world. But everyone must find their own balance. One of the hardest things for people anywhere in any society is to learn that “different” is not bad. It is the differences that make life interesting. Of course in a society we also must learn to make some compromises in order for the social culture to work, but learning to make those compromises and find the balance and make the choices that will make life function smoothly is what growing up is all about….
Nowadays : I would probably pick the walk in the woods as well and still have to learn how to make these compromises my teachers mentioned – coming of age is not over for me yet as it seems.

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