Entry Responce #2 – Freedom

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Entry Response # 2

“The issue of Freedom is a very complicated one. The most important thing to understand about freedom is that increased freedom means an increase in responsibility . And very often being a responsible member of a free society limits the choices we can make within that society. This is why free societies still have laws and rules, which punish us for making some choices and reward us for making others.

The most important right in a free society is the right to challenge those laws and rules. However , that challenge must be done in an acceptable way. I don`t know all the details about what happened in your case , but my understanding is that you challenged some rules by breaking them and that is when the trouble begins. I believe that you should continue to challenge rules that you disagree with, but you must do it in a way that is socially responsible. You are correct that American society and the society of our school are not absolutely free – no organized society can be.

The freedom that you always have is the freedom to disagree, but you must always act within the boundaries…..”

Nowadays : I have used my right to challenge rules and ideas I disagree with many times. Even after I got this entry in my notebook – I tended not always to do that in what most people would consider a socially responsible way – but I have also paid the price for exercising my rights in that manner. At the end of the day one should compare the outcome with his expectations and go ahead with the lessons learned….

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