The Peter Pan Syndrome

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The Peter Pan Syndrome

How about playing Sims Bustin` Out on my cell phone all day long? I did that trough there are quite a few things to be done around my new place. I have moved to another apartment for the winter as the house I used to live is too large and keeping the heat up there would cost me much more money than I could afford. The good news is that my mp3 player is working again and as it seems the problem with it were the batteries. Also I got a mail from a schoolmate of mine, I have not heard of since 2001 or something. I guess I am having the Peter Pan syndrome… :

Peter Pan syndrome is a deep-seated belief that one will never, and must never, grow up. It is named after the character of the same name who lived in Neverland, a place where kids are immune to aging. This is Peter Pan Syndrome. Those who don’t have it are missing something vital. After all, as Peter Pan said, “Fairies only exist if you believe in them.

Source the Evan Bailyn`s web site : Never Grow up

…and this is cool , despite of what some close minded people may think of it. There is nothing wrong in being who are not who someone wants you to be.

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