Entry Responce #4 – America

May 19, 2011 at 10:26 am | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment


” There do seem to be a lot of double standards at work in American`s actions . I think one of the things that makes these double standards appear is that Americans tend to be happy in isolation from the rest of the world. In fact most Americans are happiest in isolation from the rest of America. In our constant search for identity as a nation, we don`t look outside but rather within. This means that we are often a selfish nation because we don`t know enough about the world. And this means that we are often self righteous – we believe we are best and right – because as a nation we do not have the wisdom to understand the world through others` eyes. “

” You asked some excellent questions here , and you make some excellent points. You have outlined many characteristics of the American culture that I believe define us well as a nation. I still hold to my idea that America is a teenager – in many ways a child really. If we think about younger people they tend to see the world in simpler terms. Things are good or bad,kind or mean,friend or enemy. Younger people tend to be more selfish, because they have to be and they have not figured out the importance of others. I believe that these ideas explain some of what you have written about here . Some things you might look at next are specific examples of the characteristics you have described here. That`s what you will need for a good essay later in the semester “

“You have some very interesting ideas and observations of American family life. I like your discussions of the good and bad elements , particularly the trade offs for success and progress. I think that there is also a big difference between city life and rural life. My experiences growing up in the city is some ways are closer to what you describe here as European…”

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